How Do We Teach Young Kids About MLK Day?
A lot of the subjects associated with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may be too big or too complex for young minds to understand. Subjects like segregation and peaceful resistance may be too much for them, but there are things that they can focus on — like birthdays and dreams! There are a number of wonderful lesson ideas out there for young children:

  • Have a birthday party for Dr. King where the kids learn a little bit about who he was and how he dreamed of a society where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. Then have them write or draw a birthday card sharing their biggest dream with him, or what they’d like to be when they grow up.
  • You can also make a dream board where each child traces and cuts out their hand and then writes or draws their dream on it.
  • Or, simply share one of the wonderful stories written about Dr. King or MLK Day such as Ready To Read’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day book.

By allowing the children to express their dreams and talking to them about how it’s important that everyone has a chance to live their dream, we take Dr. King’s very big and important message and make it something they can understand.
Our Local MLK Celebration
San Antonio is home to one of the largest MLK Day events anywhere in the world!  On January 19, 1987, the City of San Antonio held its first official Martin Luther King, Jr. March. The history of the march goes back even further though. Rev. Dr. Raymond “R.A.” Callies, Sr., a San Antonio teacher, pastor and one of the founders of the San Antonio MLK, Jr.March began leading processions in San Antonio honoring Dr. King’s legacy soon after Dr. King’s death on April 4, 1968. The marches have grown and grown and last year’s march had an estimated  150,000 participants.
The MLK Commission s in charge of running all of the MLK Day events in San Antonio, but they are also dedicated to improving the quality of our youth’s education here in San Antonio. If you would like to support the MLK March, annual MLK scholarships, or any of events that will take place, the MLK Commission welcomes the partnership of local and national businesses. Please contact the City of San Antonio MLK Commission staff by email.