dogo books summer reading program poster
If you are looking for a fun way to keep your child reading this summer, check out Summer Reading Program. Kids can review books they find on the site. Once they review 3 books, they can pick a free book from a list of prizes.

How To Enter

1. Sign-up here –
2. Select books to read from a list of over 50 popular titles
3. Read and review 3 books (each review must be 25 words or more)
4. Pick a FREE prize book from the Prize List of over 2,500 new books
Another fun way to keep your child reading is by checking out your local public library. Many have great summer reading clubs for all ages, and they usually have a story time that younger children can enjoy. Make sure to encourage your child to participate in these activities to help them accomplish their summer reading goal.
Going on a trip? Make sure to include your child in the planning process and let them read the brochures, and travel guides for that city. You can also have your child pick an point of interest around your destination, and do a little research project about it. Then they can be the group leader when you visit their spot.
Most kids love comics, so why not read them with your child? Find ones they like and then take a trip to a comic shop for them to pick out a comic of their own to read.
Reading challenges are a great way to keep your child reading this summer. There are many great challenges to sign up for online. is another great online resource  that has reading challenges for children of all ages to enter.
Remember to set a goal for your child. This will help them stay motivated throughout the summer and keep them on track so they are ready to start the next school year with a bang!