child on a small waterslide
Oh no, summer has already begun and you still haven’t signed your child up for summer camp! Like most parents your busy schedule has put summer camp at the bottom of the list, however there are tips to selecting the perfect camp that you and  your child will love.
1. Get To Know the Director: It is important to get to know the person that is in charge of the school  your child will be attending for the summer. You can call the school to set up an appointment with the Director and ask him/her questions and take a tour.
2. Ask About the Curriculum:  This is important because you want to make sure your child is not only having fun but learning as well. Every summer camp is different so make sure you understand how each program is set up. For example some camps may be more focused on science and nature while others may have a mixture of all the arts, and outdoor activities as well.
3. Ask About the Camp Teachers: Ask what requirements teachers need in order to teach summer camp and what training they receive. You want to make sure your child is in good hands.
4. Ask About Scheduling: Ask if there are daily schedules and, if not, what a typical day looks like for a summer camper. This gives parents an idea of what their child’s day looks like and if they need to plan ahead of time for a special activity or field trip.
5. Ask About Emergencies: Ask how they handle emergencies because each summer camp director and teacher is trained for different emergencies. Be sure to ask about how they would handle anything from a broken bone to a fire. These professionals should be ready to give you an answer if they hesitate then that may be a red flag.
Remember each summer camp is different so be sure to visit their web sites and take a tour to be sure that you pick the right one for your child. If you are interested in finding a camp that is still enrolling for the summer check out your nearest Country Home Learning Center to see what age groups may still have a last minute opening.