coffee potThe Coffee Pot Game

Here’s a word substitution game that will produce lots of laughs at your house.
How to play: One person leaves the room. The other players decide upon a word that expresses an activity, such as run, sleep, jump, or smile, and so on. When the player returns to the room, he or she must discover the word by putting questions to each player. The word “coffeepot” is substituted for the unknown word.
So, the question from the player might sound like this: “Did you coffeepot today?” Or, “Did you coffeepot in the dining room? Players should answer as truthfully as possible. Sometimes “yes” or “no” will work, but other short answers may be needed. Obviously some of the questions and answers will be entertaining and funny.
If the guesser figures out the word, the last person he or she questioned becomes “it.” Another version-which may be easier for younger children-is to use a noun as the unknown word, so the question becomes, “Have you seen my coffeepot today?” or “Is the coffeepot in this room?” Another help is to pair up guessers so an older player can help a younger one.
Decide what you want to do if the guesser is unable to come up with the correct word within a reasonable amount of time-select a new word, move on to a new guesser, or add still another guesser with a new word. The object is to have fun with words-not to make others feel bad because they’re unable to guess the right answer.
Happy coffee potting!

Quick & East Fruit Bites

Here’s a quick snack that’s good to eat and good for you.

  • Start with miniature rice cakes in a favorite flavor (cinnamon-apple or honey-nut, for example).
  • Next, cut up assorted fruit into bite-size pieces: strawberries, bananas, mandarin oranges segments, pineapple pieces, grapes cut in half, and kiwi fruit pieces.
  • Then spread low-fat cream cheese, peanut butter, or yogurt on top of each rice cake.
  • Top each cake with a piece or two of fruit.

Looks good, tastes good!
Safety note: This snack is not recommended for children under three years old who may choke on small pieces of fruit.