Balls of yarn

It’s actually been rainy in Texas for the past couple of days. So, here is a good game for a rainy day. It works best with teams of players.

Yarn Tangles:

  1. Each team member gets a different color ball of yarn and each team gets a chair.
  2. Allow teams one or two minutes to wrap or tangle their yarn balls around their chair. They are not allowed to move or lift the chair, or to make knots in the yarn.
  3. At the end of the time allowance, the timekeeper calls “Stop!” Each team then moves to a different chair that another team has wrapped.
  4. When the timekeeper calls “Go!” each team begins to remove the yarn from their new chair. It works well if each team member rolls up one color of yarn. Once again, players are not allowed to move or pick up their chair.
  5. The first team to untangle the yarn from their chair and roll it into different balls is the winner.
  6. After playing the game once, kids get the hang of it and can choose new teams and play again.