Just imagine coming through the Country Home doors, and seeing your child with a huge smile on their face. They light up and begin to tell you about the exhilarating day they spent with all of their friends at Adventure Quest riding horses, picking out candy, sliding down water slides, and tackling the giant water obstacle course. This is just one of the adventures your child will have during an amazing summer enrolled at Country Home Learning Center’s Summer Camp program. Your child’s exciting summer plans include fun field trips that occur almost every day and entertaining activities planned at our facility. Country Home Learning Center Summer Camps are located in San Antonio & Austin, TX.
z3At Country Home we pride ourselves in offering a distinctly innovative, ever changing, interactive, and unique summer camp for children from the ages 5 to 13. We know that summer is a time for some fun, and we want to ensure that your child has a great break from school by spending time with their friends and having new adventures. We do not limit our program to one venue for the entire summer, but rather provide a virtual banquet of educational, fun, and exciting choices. Instead of leaving your child at home with a care taker where the possibility to get bored is endless, enroll at Country Home today, so your child can have the summer of a life time!
Every week your child’s Summer Camp class will be exploring creative themes that align with their field trips. When not on field trips, they’ll enjoy themed activities in our state of the art facility that includes: a movie theater, putt putt golf course, gymnasium, soccer field, soda shop, waterpark, splash deck, and so much more. On campus, they will do everything from exciting cooking projects, to memorable art work, to imaginative performances. Your child will have a ball exploring the thematic concepts that are specifically designed for them every week.
2012 Camp Countryhome smallOn top of everything that they will be doing at our facility, field trips occur almost every day to ensure that your child is having an active break from school. We have regular weekly trips to the roller rink, local pools, pizza play areas, gaming zones, and the bowling alley. These trips are designed for your child’s enjoyment with their friends. These are not, however,  the only field trips that take place. We also include a weekly special field trip designed to explore and reinforce the weekly educational theme. Children will go places like the IMAX, different local museums, and the Wildlife Ranch. All off campus experiences are sure to keep your child wanting to come back to Country Home Summer Camp every day!
If you are tired of your child complaining about how bored they are every summer, bring them to Country Home. Here they will never be bored!!! It is our goal to keep your child active and having a great time all summer. Enroll today, so that your child can be part of the fun!