Summer is a fun time. School is out and days are filled with summer camp, playing with friends, swimming, beach trips, and whatever else you can dream up. With all the outdoor activity, the risk of painful insect bites and sunburns goes way up. You need to be careful not only to protect your kids from the elements, but also about how you protect them. Some of the chemicals used to offer us protection may be doing more harm than good.

Bug Bites

Bug bites can ruin a perfectly good time. One minute you’re enjoying a nice backyard barbecue and the next you’re consumed with scratching that persistent, annoying itch!
Some of the most effective insect repellants contain DEET (N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). DEET is great at keeping bugs away, but it is highly toxic and, although approved by the EPA, it is not recommended for use on children because of the many, many safety warnings on DEET products.
The best thing to use for your children are natural insect repellants. Use these in combination with bug repelling lanterns to help keep bugs away from your kids so they can enjoy the outdoors without getting bit up, or covered in toxic chemicals.


Sunburns are one of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to your kids in the summer. And, the long-term effects are not good either. The best thing to do to avoid sunburn is to make sure your kids are spending the hottest parts of the day in a nice shaded area. If they are out in the sun, make sure they are wearing sunscreen.
The problem with sunscreens is that some of these also contain toxic ingredients that may cause issues. There isn’t a while lot of research on this subject, but the safest thing to do is find products that have the least amount of chemicals in them while still providing excellent protection. Many different brands are available at health food stores and online.
One last option is to buy a skin shielding lotion that will help prevent the absorption of chemicals into your skin. These products are relatively new, but still readily available in stores and online.
So be safe this summer, but remember to have a whole lot of fun as well!