Battle of the Flowers

Battle Of The Flowers. Click picture for more info and pics.

Today begins the lively, culturally unique, and fun filled 10 days of Fiesta in San Antonio. Fiesta is an event that has been enjoyed by families since 1891! This historic celebration is something that San Antonio natives and people from all over look forward to every year! Fiesta began as a single parade
which paid tribute to the heroes of the Alamo and San Jacinto. This famous parade is known as the Battle of the Flowers. The very first Battle of the Flowers parade floats were pulled by horse drawn carriages and decorated bicycles. The people riding in the parade threw colorful flowers at one another, and the whole event was coordinated completely by women. Today, the Battle of the Flowers is the largest Fiesta parade and winds its way through downtown San Antonio in front of large crowds.
Over 122 years later, Fiesta has grown into a 10-day celebration which features over a 100 events that showcases music, food, sports, pageantry, art, military and patriotic observances, exhibits, and parades. All activities are sponsored by nonprofit organizations from around San Antonio, and the economic
impacts from these events are enormous to San Antonio. Last year, nearly $284 million was brought into the city during the 10-days of Fiesta.
Out of the 100 events that occur during Fiesta, many are family related and fun for all ages. There are events happening throughout the city. Make sure to
check out the Fiesta Carnival that will be ongoing throughout everyday of Fiesta at the Alamodome Parking Lot C. Attending this event is sure to be a thrill for children and adults. With exciting rides, games, and food, this carnival is an enjoyable way to spend Fiesta.
Food is a huge part of Fiesta, and you can find delicious meals almost everywhere you go during the 10 days of celebration. To have a fabulous culinary experience there are several events that your family can attend that are dedicated food. You can check out the Taste of New Orleans event located in the Sunken Gardens from April 19-21st, the Taste of the Northside located in the Club of Sonterra on April 24th, or the Culturefest & Rib Cook-Off at St. Philip’s College on April 25th.
These are only a few ways to spend your 10-days of Fiesta with your family. There is something going on every day all over San Antonio. You can find more information about all of the amazing cultural experiences at Fiesta in San Antonio you won’t want to miss out on. Go check out
the history, flavors, sounds, and culture that this amazing city has to offer with your whole family for the next 10-days. HAPPY FIESTA and enjoy the experience of San Antonio!