summer lemonae stand
With the official first day of summer right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with your very own lemonade stand? Setting up and running a lemonade stand can be very easy, and is a great way for children to learn the value of a dollar. There are just few things you need to think about before you begin setting up your child’s lemonade stand, and by following a few simple steps your child’s first business will be up and running in no time.
Step One: Find your perfect location
You want to be in a high trafficked area where lots of people will be. Some great places include near parks, sports fields, play grounds, or anywhere in a safe area where you can be seen. Just make sure you stay away from busy streets or places where cars are moving quickly. You always want to be visible to drivers on the roads.
Step Two: Check the weather
It is important to pick a day when you know the weather is going to be pleasant outside. Sales will decrease if your child chooses a day that is rainy and wet. Also, do not forget to wear sun screen on hot days if your selected location is in the sun.
Step Three: Collect the supplies you need
Make sure you have a small table, chairs, posters, a cooler, ice, cups, a beverage pitcher, and of course lemonade. Don’t forget that it is hot out! You want to make sure to keep your lemonade nice and cold, so you serve a refreshing glass to every customer. Also, remember that you want to make enough lemonade for all of your potential customers, so keep extra in your cooler.
Step Four: Make your business plan
You need to figure out how much to charge your customers for your delicious lemonade. Talk to your kids about a reasonable price and let them help decide how much they want charge. A great way to keep them interested is to set an income goal. If they set out thinking about how much they want to make, they will be excited when they reach their goal and potentially exceed their expectations.
Step Five: Make posters
You want to grab the attention of people nearby, and that is easy to do by putting up colorful posters near the area where you plan on selling your child’s delicious lemonade. Hopefully by spreading the word around your location, your children will be able to increase their business.
Step Six: Smile!
Having a lemonade stand is a great way to teach your children about customer service. Every friendly hello and smile can make a difference to your customers, and it can be what keeps them coming back for more.
Step Seven: Clean up after yourself
Do not forget to leave your chosen location as clean as it was when you set up. It is important to be respectful of the area you selected so that you can keep it looking nice for your next sales day!
Hope you and your family enjoy all of the fun, learning experiences, and profits that you create with your child’s first lemonade stand. Remember to follow all of the steps, but lastly make sure to just have fun!!