Did you know that your kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween night than any other night of the year? Yikes!

Halloween is a lot of fun, but it is important to take some precautions to make sure that your kids stay safe. Below are our Top 10 Halloween Safety Tips:

  1. Trick or Treat with an adult. Children under 12 should always trick or treat with an adult.
  2. Make costumes visible. Choose light colors that can be seen at night and/or add reflective tape or blinking lights to make your child visible to drivers.
  3. Be careful crossing the street. Make sure to follow good safety rules like always crossing at corners and looking both ways before crossing.
  4. Make sure your child can see well. Many masks inhibit your child’s ability to see clearly. Choose makeup rather than a mask or make sure they can see well out of their mask before sending them out.
  5. Keep your head up. Put your phones away and watch where you’re going. Falls and accidents can easily be avoided by staying alert and aware of your surroundings.
  6. Be an alert driver. Expect heavy pedestrian traffic on Halloween and drive slow.
  7. Make sure the costume fits. Kids are all different shapes and sizes. If your kids costume doesn’t fit right out of the box, make some alterations to avoid trips and falls that could cause injuries.
  8. Choose a well-lit path. Even if your child’s costume is visible, it’s safer to choose well lit neighborhoods with sidewalks for trick or treating. If there is no sidewalk, make sure to stay well off the road.
  9. Hold hands or have a buddy. If you’re heading out with a group of kids it can get hard to keep track of them all. It helps to have everyone hold hands while walking or set up a buddy system so no one gets left behind or heads the wrong direction.
  10. Give out glow sticks. If you want to promote Halloween safety for your whole neighborhood (and good health too) give out glow sticks or glow bracelets for Halloween instead of candy. The kids will love it just as much as candy and many will put them on right away causing an instant increase in their visibility.