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Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

December 16, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. As parents, it can feel like the gifts we give our kids year after year become “more stuff” that sits idle in playrooms just a few months after Christmas is over. Our kids already have so many toys they love, so why not give them experience gifts…

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Bedtime Books to Read This Fall

October 7, 2019  |  Categories: General Child Care, Parent Resources

Bedtime reading is such a special time for children and parents. Teeth are brushed, pajamas are on, and the day seems to have finally slowed down. Most kids love reading a story before bedtime…and did you know that reading aloud to children promotes their language development? We know that a lot of kids tend to…

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5 Tips to Keep the Kiddos Hydrated

July 29, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

Let’s face it: it can be a real challenge to get little ones to drink water, especially enough water to stay hydrated. And when it’s summertime in Texas, it’s so important to keep those little bodies hydrated! If you have a hard time getting your kids to drink water, don’t give up! Check out these…

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Summer Break Necessities

July 8, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

  Summer break is one of the best times of the year! School is out, the sun is out, and there’s so much daylight to enjoy every day. As a parent, it can feel like a challenge to keep everyone organized and alive when summer arrives. That’s why we’re sharing some of the basic summer…

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Keeping Cool in Summertime Heat

June 17, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

As the last cool days of spring melt into the inevitable “dog days” of summer, we get to rediscover the excitement of long days, refreshingly cool evenings, catching lightning bugs, and stargazing. Along with the fun that the summer sun brings, day and night time temperatures can quickly climb to levels that are hard for…

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Mom, It Itches!

June 10, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

The warm days of summer bring fresh memories of cold watermelon, rope swings, sleeping bags …and yes, bug bites. For kids growing up in the ’70s, mosquitos were mostly a benign annoyance, but since 1999, The United States has seen an increase in potentially threatening mosquito-borne illnesses. That being said, fun summertime activities are important…

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Summer Vacation Travel Essentials

June 3, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources, Quick Tips

Spring has finally sprung, and summer is almost here. Can’t you just feel the hot sand already! If you’ve been planning a summer getaway with the whole family, we have a few tips to help make your summer vacation memories happy and stress-free. Remember that little bodies run out of energy quickly. Vacations are filled…

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End of Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

May 20, 2019  |  Categories: Parent Resources

It’s hard to believe that the end of the school year is quickly approaching. Summer will be here before we know it! Now is the time of year many parents want to express their appreciation for their child’s teacher with a gift. It can be hard to know how much to spend or what to…

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