Yesterday was Earth Day 2014, and the web was buzzing with reports of earth day celebrations and events. Mixed in with all the festivals and events were some great ideas about how to teach your children to be good stewards of the Earth. We compiled a list of 10 Earth-friendly activities you can do any day!
dog resting next to a garden
Here are a few ways you and your child can spend the afternoon learning together.
1. Build a compost pile. Teach your child about composting and how they can help plants in your garden grow by making “good dirt” full of nutrients.
2. Go for a bike ride. This sounds to simple but it is a fun and easy way to save on gas and reduce the fumes that your car pumps into the air.
3. Plant a tree. Whether its in your backyard or a park, planting a tree is a great way to give back something to help our planet.
4. Set up a recycling station in your home and explain why everyone should recycle.
5. Replace your cleaning chemicals with non-harsh toxic and environmentally safe chemicals. Explain to them what effects the toxic chemicals have on our local environment. For instance if they like to fish, explain how chemical runoff into our streams and rivers can harm the fish.
6. Build a garden. Plant lots of vegetables and watch them grow. Kids love playing in the dirt, and growing their own food is a great way to get them to eat their veggies!
7. Replace your pets food, and grooming supplies with organic products. Just like with the cleaners, explain how replacing harsh chemicals with organic cleaners is better for your pet and your local ecosystem.
8. Visit an organic farm and have your kids learn the importance of keeping meat and vegetables
9. Teach your child how to conserve water and explain the importance of how this helps our planet.
10. Go to a farmers market with your child and have fun visiting all of the natural and organic stands. Explain that food doesn’t “come from” the grocery store. By explaining the farm to table cycle, they can learn why it’s important that we keep our environment clean so that we can keep growing delicious foods.
We found so many ways you that people celebrated Earth Day! These are just a few fun activities that we thought would be simple for you and your children to do together. Remember, the best thing about all of these activities is that you get to spend time with your kid and teach them something important. You can do these activities any day of the year, so don’t wait a whole year to try one out!