The holidays are here again, and that means family, friends, and feasts.  And while many of us have high hopes for our weight loss goals come January, now is the time we’ve decided to splurge.
And come January we’re often paying the price.  Those holiday cookies, hearty dishes, and hefty cups of eggnog all add up one small bite at a time, and pretty soon you notice that those pants don’t quite go on as easily as they once did.  And I’m not talking about your pants – I’m talking about your preschooler’s pants.
Yeah, kids can put on a little weight too come the holidays, and while this isn’t nearly on the scale as their older parents and relatives, it’s still enough to make a difference in your child’s health.  After all, a pound here and a pound there, with little exercise due to dropping temperatures, means your little preschooler could be due for a whole new set of clothes come spring, and not because they’re getting taller, but wider.
So what can be done?  Is there nothing that can stop this holiday bulge?  Thankfully there’s plenty parents can do to make sure their preschooler is eating healthy and eating right during the holidays while at the same time sampling those holiday goodies.

TV Dance Time

It’s pretty easy to see that a young daycare or preschool-aged child sitting in front of the TV each day isn’t going to be the most physically active.  Shutting off the TV is of course a great way to counteract this, but is it always possible?  After all, how many of you have young children that love to run and turn the TV on themselves?  And let’s not forget that there’s no cheaper babysitter in town when you’ve got to get a few things done around the house real quick.
But the TV can be used as a way to help your child stay active.  Most children’s shows are going to have some music, and many have dancing.  Help your child get into the habit of getting up and dancing around and generally just acting silly when those segments come one.  If you join in you’ll probably be surprised just how many musical breaks there are, and what a workout they can be!
You’ll often find that most preschools and daycares have active music times for children.  And instead of having to stare at the TV, children can dance along with the teacher.  It’s much more fun and they can interact with other children as well.

Free Play

Most studies recommend that children get at least an hour of free play time each day.  Of course this isn’t always easy to find, what with busy schedules and all.  If you’re child is younger, perhaps at the preschool or daycare age, then you also can’t just let them go off running around the neighborhood.
Preschools and Daycares are optimal ways to get your child the free play time they need.  You’d be surprised how many calories a young child can burn when they’re running around with other children, climbing around, and discovering new and exciting things in a controlled and stable environment.
This is perfect for young children who need to be a little more active, and even those that are doing fine.  And you might be pleasantly surprised to find that when it comes time for them to leave they want to keep on playing.