Did You Know?
Modeling good choices and a positive, proactive attitude will enable your child to grow up with a strong sense of well-being. Below are some ways to practice healthy eating habits and physical activities.
Physical Fitness Activities for Young Children:

  • Morning Exercise Routine
  • Outside Play Activities and Games
  • Relaxation techniques for nap time – yoga is not just for adults!
  • “Shake your Sillies Out” activities to promote focus and concentration

Why Physical Activity?

  • It helps your child stay healthy
  • It helps your child learn good habits early in life
  • It gives them an outlet for their natural energy (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Activities that Foster Nutrition:

  • Introduce your child to new foods by having them use their senses
  • Plant a garden and encourage your child to help care for the foods
  • Serve meals that are diverse and exciting
  • When safe and appropriate, allow your child to help in the cooking process as they make healthy snacks and meals
  • Demonstrate proper portion sizes while serving food

Develop Healthy Eating Habits:
Many things influence what and how much your child eats. As a parent, you have the most influence on your child. You can do a lot to help your children develop healthy eating habits for life:

  • Set a good example for your child by eating healthy
  • Offer a variety of foods
  • Start small with portions
  • Help them know when they’ve had enough
  • Follow a meal and snack schedule
  • Make mealtime a family time
  • Help them try new foods
  • Make food fun (U.S. Department of Agriculture)