The New Year has begun and adults everywhere have made resolutions to drop those unwanted pounds. As we work hard to keep our healthy resolutions, we should ensure that our kids are learning healthy eating and fitness habits too. If you happened to tune into this week’s premier of The Biggest Loser, you saw that there are 3 kids participating this year. All the trainers on the show stressed how important it is to make fitness fun. That way kids will enjoy their healthy lifestyle rather than see it as a chore.
To make healthy eating fun, we are including the Chef Solus Color My Plate worksheet in this post. Just download the PDF and print it out. You can help your child color in all the food colors and discuss why it’s important to eat foods of all different colors. You might also discuss the difference between an apple’s natural red color and the artificial red in things like lollipops. Once the worksheet is done, you can hang it in the kitchen or near your table as a reminder to eat healthy foods from the entire food rainbow.

Click on the picture to download the PDF.