Fitness experts like Jillian Michaels have referred to soda as “poison,” something you should never give to your child. But is it really all that bad? Well, when you look at this infographic  below it appears that maybe they are right. Soda can have detrimental impacts to your body and your child’s body as well. But does that means it’s time to cut it from their diet altogether?
The infographic shows that soda is linked to higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. All the sugar can also rot tooth enamel and cause tooth decay, and contribute to many other problems as well. That is why many fitness experts and doctors recommend cutting out soda as part of a healthy lifestyle.
While this information is helpful, it is also good to remember that most things in moderation are usually OK. It’s up to you to weigh the benefits and risks associated with all the decisions you make for your child, and that includes what you feed them. Be conscious of the food choices you make for them, and make sure you feel good about the food that’s fueling their growing bodies.
Take a look at this infographic we found at Mind Body Green for more information on what a soda can do.