angry toddler looking into camera
Knowing your child is enrolled at a great day care program is a huge load off the mind for any working parent. Knowing your toddler is well taken care of, is learning some basic skills and is becoming a little more independent makes most parents feel better about the time they need to spend away from their child earning a living. This easy feeling is not always shared by your child, however, and there can be some resistance from your child about being left behind while you go off to work. As a parent, there are certain things you can do to help your little one feel comfortable and secure in their new day care program.
Mostly, children under six months do not experience separation challenges. Nevertheless, older babies and toddlers may require a little time and effort before they are comfortable with their new routine. You can ease the transition time by doing the following;

  • Plan a couple of short visits to the day care center before your child starts full time. This will enable them to get familiar with the environment and the teachers, and maybe they’ll even make a friend. 
  • When you drop your child off, avoid “sneaking away.” You may think it’s easier on you and your child if you quitly duck out while they are engaged with something else, but it’s often better to say a proper goodbye — even if there are tears — and assure them that you will be returning. This will help alleviate any feelings of abandonment, and children quickly come to realize that Mom and Dad do come back to get them every day.
  • Bring in some familiar items from home. Do as much as you can, and the center will allow, to make sure that your child feels at home. For instance you can bring their favorite blanket and stuffed animal for nap time. If the center allows it, you could also decorate their cubby with some pictures of family members.
  • Spend time in the evening focused on your child. Making sure that your child is getting loads of attention from you in the evenning will make going to day care easier the next day. If they feel like they are still getting enough Mommy and Daddy time at home, being away from you for part of the day won’t seem so bad.
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