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Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

January 21, 2019  |  Categories: Child Development, Preschool Preparedness

Now is the time when most schools start offering open houses and launch enrollment for preschool programs. You’ve visited multiple preschools, met with program coordinators, and finally found the right fit for your family. Now that you’ve chosen a program, how do you prepare your child to start preschool this fall? Communicate Early Preschool is…

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Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

August 15, 2016  |  Categories: General Child Care, Preschool Preparedness
Gifts for San Antonio Teachers

Whether elated by the return to school’s routine, or saddened by summer’s end, you’re surely ready to make sure this school year gets off to a great start. The kids have backpacks full of shiny new supplies, the stores are stocking for winter even though it’s still summer temperatures, and the teachers have created classrooms…

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Child Development: Music and Children

August 25, 2015  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development, General Child Care, Parent Resources, Preschool Preparedness, Quick Tips

For your entire life, you’ve probably been bombarded by the positive effects of music in your life.  Maybe in middle school, you conducted the classic music and plant experiment. You know the one: set up your plants next to various pieces by Mozart and Bach and see which one grows the fastest.  Or perhaps you…

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Learning Through Preschool Games

January 9, 2014  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development, Preschool Preparedness

There are lots of great preschool games that children play each day.  Many times they’ll play with other children at preschool, or just with one good friend.  Sometimes they might even play their favorite games just by themselves.  And there’s no reasons why you can’t play some of those games at home, either. Preschool games…

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