Is your child an introvert? Taking your child to an after school program might help bring them out of their shell a little bit. After school programs expose children to an array of social activities that allow them the chance to interact with other kids. Many group activities or sports activities also teach children the value of teamwork and how to work well in groups. Many children who attend daycare when they are younger are much better at interacting with others. If you have a child in school who seems to have trouble making friends or socializing, then perhaps an after school program will give them a chance to interact with their peers in a more relaxed, fun environment.

5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an After School Program

  1. The program offers a wide range of fun activities. Most good after school programs will offer a varied schedule that lets your children participate in a wide range of activities like sports, music, art, science, and so on. Find out of the program you are looking at has a curriculum coordinator or someone who is in charge of making sure your children are given opportunities to try new things and aren’t just doing the same thing day after day.
  2. Your child learns to socialize with the other kids. They gain a lot from their peers and gain new skills too. The program exposes your children to many children from various backgrounds.
  3. Your child learns to live independently. They may stop being clingy and make healthy relationships with new friends and teachers.
  4. It greatly reduces their dependency on computers, phones and TV sets for entertainment. Parents can be busy even when they are home and many times your child will turn to electronics for entertainment. In an after school program they’ll be playing and learning instead of curled up on the couch all afternoon.
  5. Many after school programs help your children with their homework. If you have a busy working schedule, it can be difficult to ensure that your child completes all their assignments every day. After school programs usually have some time dedicated to homework and some even provide tutors as well. This not only gives you peace of mind knowing that their work is getting done, but also lets you enjoy the time you have with your child at night rather than just making sure they’re doing their work.