Halloween is just a couple of days away. If you haven’t carved a Jack-o-lantern yet and are looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of our favorites. If you attempt to carve any of these, snap a picture and share it on our Facebook page.

1. Cannibal Pumpkin

A simple and fun design. The cannibal pumpkin turns a little bit of carving into a lot of fun.

2. Pumpkin In A Pumpkin

What a cool idea! A slightly spooky and fun idea that takes the typical jack-o-lantern to the next level.

3. The Amazing SpiderMan

Cartoon characters are a surefire hit with kids. All I know is that I don’t want to be the one that has to carve all of those holes.

4. Works of Art

I wish I could make something this cool.

5. Strength In Numbers

In some cases quantity can be just as good as quality. When it comes to jack-o-lanterns, the more the merrier.

6. Classic & Spooky

A classic, spooky jack-0-lantern is always a good idea.

7. Goofy Fun

If you don’t want to go the spooky route, then you can do the exact opposite and make a goofy jack-o-lantern.

8. Pumpkin Combos

If you have more than one pumpkin, try carving them as a set.

9. Nightmare Before Christmas

Since the Nightmare Before Christmas came out, Jack Skellington has become a Halloween icon. It’s simple to make a Jack Skellington jack-o-lantern.

10. Painted Pumpkins

Sometimes you don’t even need to carve the pumpkin. A great way to decorate a pumpkin with young kids is to just paint them.

Thanks for reading our post. We hope you were able to get some creative ideas for your next pumpkin. If you are interested in child care services in the San Antonio or Austin areas, be sure to contact us!