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Pumpkin Spice Popcorn Recipe

September 10, 2018  |  Categories: Recipes

  We’re finally in the “ber” months, which means it’s finally pumpkin spice season! We’re sure you already have a go-to pumpkin spice latte recipe, so we wanted to share a different kind of pumpkin spice recipe that your kiddos can enjoy with you. (We know from experience that caffeine and toddlers don’t mix that…

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Back to School Lunch Ideas

September 4, 2018  |  Categories: Parent Resources, Quick Tips, Recipes

School is back in session, and so is lunch-packing season! It’s easy to fall into a rut of packing the same things in your children’s lunch boxes every day. We’re huge fans of the classic lunches; after all, there’s nothing like a classic PB&J or turkey sandwich. But we wanted to share some out-of-the-lunchbox ideas…

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Crock Pot Chocolate Spoon Cake

August 27, 2018  |  Categories: Recipes

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a crock pot recipe with you, but we found the perfect one to share today. This one’s for all the chocolate lovers (which should be everyone, right?). If you’re looking for an easy dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth, you’re in luck. This is a dessert the whole…

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Firework Cupcakes for the 4th of July

July 1, 2018  |  Categories: Recipes
4th of July Cupcake Recipe

This week we’re celebrating America’s 242nd birthday, also known as the 4th of July. And what better way to celebrate this holiday than with firework cupcakes? We’re sharing one of our favorite recipes below. It’s simple, festive, and delicious! Firework Cupcake Recipe Ingredients: Cupcake mix (and ingredients to make) Vanilla frosting One black licorice wheel…

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Frozen Treats to Keep You Cool This Summer

June 4, 2018  |  Categories: Recipes

Summer is right around the corner, but it’s already getting pretty warm here in Texas! These frozen treats will keep you and your kiddos nice and cool on those hot summer days. Plus, they’re primarily fruit-based, so you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying them all summer long. Frozen Grapes If you’re looking for…

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The Best No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe for Kids

November 6, 2017  |  Categories: Recipes
No-Bake pumpkin pie recipe for kids

Don’t keep the kitchen to yourself this Thanksgiving. Get the kids involved with all sorts of great recipes that require no heat and are easy as mix and stir. For dessert, get them to eat their vegetables and fall in love with a fall tradition: pumpkin pie.  But don’t worry, no knives or stoves are…

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4 Soup Recipes Your Kids Can Make

October 16, 2017  |  Categories: Recipes

Once the autumn chill hits the air, it’s time to break out the slow cooker or your big pot and make up plenty of soup for cool evenings and easy family suppers. These kid-friendly soup recipes will give your little ones a chance to help out in the kitchen, plus they’re guaranteed to sneak a…

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10 Juice Alternatives Your Kiddos Will Love

August 28, 2017  |  Categories: Recipes
healthy juice alternatives

Are you tired of the groans your kids give when you offer them a full water bottle instead of soda or juice? You know water is the best way to curb hunger, hydrate, and stay healthy, but unfortunately, kids don’t care about research. They care about flavor. Chances are, so do you.  Bring on the…

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