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How To Prevent And Treat Bug Bites & Stings

June 27, 2013  |  Categories: Let's Talk With Dr. Sutherland

As our children spend more time outside during summer vacation, it is likely they will encounter insects and bugs. Exposure to these pests often causes alarm, some discomfort, and possible pain if a bite or sting occurs. Usually these are short-lived annoyances as most children have only mild reactions. The reaction a person has depends…

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Be Safe In The Sun

May 21, 2013  |  Categories: Let's Talk With Dr. Sutherland

On a cold, cloudy, or rainy day we long for the feel of the sunshine on our faces. There is a comforting feeling imparted by that warmth we feel. We look with envy at the tanned models on the covers of the magazines in the check-out lines of the grocery store. There is something intriguing…

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Tis The Season…The Flu Season

January 23, 2013  |  Categories: Let's Talk With Dr. Sutherland

That word “flu” is thrown around frequently when we get sick. If we vomit and/or have diarrhea, we call it “the stomach flu.” When we have fever or body aches, we tell our friends we have the “flu.” In reality many of these conditions are viral illnesses but not “THE FLU.” The constellation of symptoms…

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Why is My Child Sick So Much?

December 18, 2012  |  Categories: Let's Talk With Dr. Sutherland

Every year during the winter months, pediatricians begin to see a steady stream of children coming to their office with acute respiratory and/or GI illnesses. Many of these children are between the ages of 6 months and 3 years of age and are being cared for in daycare centers or facilities other than their own…

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Talking About Baby Bronchitis (RSV)

November 16, 2012  |  Categories: Let's Talk With Dr. Sutherland

One of the more common respiratory viruses that occur in the fall and winter season is RSV, formally named Respiratory Syncytial Virus.  For those of you who have known an infant born prematurely or a child with a chronic medical condition, the mention of the letters RSV may elicit reactions of great concern from their…

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