It’s fall, y’all.
Time for cozy sweaters, bonfires, leaf piles…at least that’s the hope for when the heat wave breaks. Fall is such a great time of year for good weather and family fun. Check out our list of the ten best ways to get in family time–and savor more than the pumpkin spice latte.

Ten Ideas for Fall Family Fun

  1. Get lost in a corn maze. For little ones, find a maze that’s open during the day or has a smaller version that’s more kid friendly. If you’re bonding with tweens and teens, go for the evening. Take a flashlight and don’t forget the map–your GPS probably isn’t set to navigate a cornfield.
  2. Pick some apples. Kids are much more inclined to eat a food they choose, so expand your apple palette by visiting a local orchard. Pick a variety of fall’s favorite fruit, and then keep the family fun going by cooking up all those fall-themed apple treats on your Pinterest board. Crockpot apple butter is simple, easy, and kid help friendly. Or go traditional and break out Grandma’s apple pie recipe.
  3. Paint some pumpkins. Don’t worry about pumpkins rotting on your front porch because you gutted them days before Halloween. And don’t stress about kids and knives by opting for paint instead. There are so many creative options from painting your pumpkins like your favorite Harry Potter or Minions characters, to simple polka dots, letters and numbers. You can’t go wrong with a sunny afternoon, a few acrylics, and the most classic decoration for fall.
  4. Make caramel apples. Still have apples left from orchard picking? Make up your own fair treat with simple caramel apples. Take it one step farther and bless your neighbors with a gift sure to evoke all those good childhood memories. (Plus, sharing keeps your kids from overdosing on sugar!)
  5. Find a football game. Not just the ones broadcasted on television. Take in a local recreation league or high school game. Texas is known for boots and football. Plus, you’ll be plugging into your local community. After all, there’s nothing like a fall evening under the Friday Night Lights.
  6. Explore an arts festival. Fall is festival season and chances are, you don’t have to look far for a great arts fest. Wander the booths of homemade goodies, local artisans, and traditional crafts. Support a local artist and small business owner with your purchase and your presence. Kids will love the typical arts fest activities: petting zoos, jumpy houses, wood carving demonstrations, and funnel cakes.
  7. Go on a nature hunt. Fall is a great time to explore the nature under our feet. Hit a familiar–or new–trail and see how the leaves are changing. Print off a scavenger hunt or pick one up from your local park. See how many unique acorns, pine cones, and leaves you can find. Look for signs animals are readying for winter and talk about how your family is getting ready as well. Getting outdoors is a great way to remind kids our world is intricate and wonderful.
  8. Make leaf art. Do more than just rake up a pile and jump–though that should be on the fall bucket list as well. Let your kids make their favorite fall finds into creative works of art with leaf rubbings, printings, or collages. Explore your favorite ideas on Pinterest or attend a class at a local artist’s studio.
  9. Cook that pumpkin. Or just toss a few cans of pureed pumpkin into the grocery cart. Pumpkin recipes abound and are an easy way to get your kids to try a new food and get a boost of great vitamins. Pumpkin muffins are kid-pleasing, but so are pumpkin based soups and pastas. Plus, if you cook your own, scraping that rind clean is sure to wear them out for nap time.
  10. Support your local school’s fall festivals. Here at Country Home, we’re delighted to host families for plenty of fall fun. Check out your local school’s Boo Bash (Thursday, October 26, or Friday, October 27, depending on location) and join in the lighthearted costume fun! If you’re in South Austin, join us for Fall Fest on Saturday, October 29, from 10:00-1:00. Games, activities, food and plenty of fall family fun will be there!

For more great resources for fall family fun, check out Austin CultureMap. Happy fall!