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10 Juice Alternatives Your Kiddos Will Love

Written by Country Home on August 28, 2017

10 healthy juice alternatives

Are you tired of the groans your kids give when you offer them a full water bottle instead of soda or juice? You know water is the best way to curb hunger, hydrate, and stay healthy, but unfortunately, kids don’t care about research. They care about flavor. Chances are, so do you. 

Bring on the Fruit

Fruit infused water is a great juice alternative. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate your favorite fruit into plenty of H2O.

Get their immune systems school ready with the antioxidants found in Blackberry Mint water from The Casual Craftlete. 

Kids usually love blueberries and oranges, so make their morning with Blueberry Orange Water from The Peach Kitchen

Self Proclaimed Foodie has more great Autumn Infused water recipes that incorporate everyone’s favorite fall fruit–apples.

Rainbow Citrus Infused Water is sure to please your kids–and you with its pretty presentation. Find full recipes at The Pretty Bee

In addition to digestion, ginger is a great anti-inflammatory. Try this Ginger Peach recipe from Very Sarie

Sprinkle the Herbs

Herbs are easy to grow in your own kitchen and easy to buy from your favorite market. Get adventurous and try some new flavors. 

Freshen up your lemonade standby (and skip the powdered mix) with Lavender Lemonade from Eat Yourself Skinny

Little tummies upset? Try Ginger Pear Cinnamon Vanilla water and bring on the flavor of fall. Plenty of other great herb infused waters are at Tasty-Yummies

Strawberry Mint Water from Inspired by This uses fresh, sliced strawberries and mint leaves you can grow yourself on the kitchen windowsill. 

Savor the last of summer with Watermelon Basil flavored water from Natasha’s Kitchen

Swap the constant lemons for limes and add some homegrown mint for Lemon Lime Mint water with Living Chirpy


How are you hydrating yourself — and your family?

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