It seems like the major holidays get all the attention when it comes to celebrating, but we think it’s fun for families to celebrate the little things, including the start of a new season. The first day of spring is Saturday, March 20th. Here are 10 ways your family could ring in this new season together.

  1. Plant flowers
    Whether you start with seeds or with your favorite annuals from your local home improvement store, pick out some flowers to brighten your yard. If you don’t want to plant flowers, you could still pick a few to display on your front porch or steps. Nothing says spring like the bright colors of fresh flowers.
  2. Make a garden
    Start a vegetable or herb garden this spring, and enjoy the fruits of your labor the rest of the year. Not sure where to start? Check out these gardening tips for beginners.
  3. Watch the sunset
    Drive to your favorite park or stay in the leisure of your backyard to enjoy the first sunset of spring.
  4. Throw a spring party
    Get some balloons, bake a special cake, and play yard games together. You don’t need to invite a ton of people over to have a party; family parties can be just as fun!
  5. Spring cleaning
    Now this might not seem exciting to your kids, but cleaning can be fun when the family works together. Tackle one project at a time, as a family. Little ones can help with wiping windows or doorknobs, picking up toys, or even dusting shelves.
  6. Pick wildflowers
    Go on a wildflower hunt, and assemble some colorful bouquets for your home.
  7. Have a picnic
    Pack a picnic lunch with all the fixings: sandwiches, fruit, chips, cookies, and something special to drink, like fruit punch or root beer. Go to your favorite park and enjoy lunch together on the grass. Don’t forget the blankets!
  8. Fly kites
    Flying kites is fun for everyone. You could even pack your kites to fly after your picnic lunch.
  9. Make homemade lemonade
    Next time you head to the grocery store, pick up a bunch of lemons. Work together as a family to make homemade lemonade, and enjoy it on the first day of spring!
  10. Sidewalk chalk
    Decorate your driveway and/or sidewalk with chalk. Draw flowers, trace each other, design your own hop-scotch course, or write down your bucket list for spring. Just be sure to write your list somewhere else, so when the rain washes your chalk away you have a backup!