iPad apps to prep your child for kindergarten
Kindergarten readiness can vary widely from child to child. Some kids enter kindergarten reading fluently and solving simple math problems. Other children enter with basic phonic and counting skills. These young children are maturing at different rates, and kindergarten becomes a level playing field as all children need this year to build basic academic and interpersonal skills that will last throughout their school career.
As you help your child get ready for this big year, here are some teacher-recommended apps for your smartphone or tablet to help your child discover the joy of learning, no matter what milestone is on the horizon. (And if you have a toddler, we have a list of great apps for toddler learning!)

Number Sense

Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is a highly interactive, engaging app for preschoolers and early elementary. As children help build this tiny town, they’ll use number sense to help the businesses thrive. Look for counting, simple adding and subtracting, and story comprehension. Skills are aligned with Common Core Standards, a plus for students entering the public education system.

Read to Me

Starfall ABCs is a great app to build phonics and letter recognition skills. With both visual and auditory components, it is easy for kids to navigate and use. For more advanced skills, look to ABC Mouse, which uses books and animated animals to teach early reading skills.

I Can Do It

Preschoolers and kindergartners are notorious for their independent streaks as they learn to accomplish basic tasks of learning and life. A simple app like Kids Count Down can help your child learn to manage time and understand just how long a minute really is. Use this to encourage kids to put on shoes, get dressed, brush teeth, or ready their school bag–all skills you’ll want them to do themselves in kindergarten.
For more great app ideas, check out trusted sites like Common Sense Media, where apps are reviewed and rated according to their kid-friendliness.
What are you favorite learning apps?