indoor birthday party games
You’re planning a summer birthday party! Want to consider all the fun that can be had without having to watch a dozen kids in a water setting?
No worries. Indoor parties are just as fun and come without sunscreen application or concerns about those summer pop-up thunderstorms. Plus, these awesome games will help burn off all that cupcake-induced energy.
The Limbo
It’s fun for adults and kids alike, and one of the easiest games you’ll ever set up! Simply grab a broom handle, an old curtain rod, or purchase a wooden dowel from a home improvement store. Turn up some summer music, and see how low everyone can go.
Bean Bag or Ball Toss
You can make this game elaborate or simple. Line up buckets or bowls and assign them ascending point values such as 10-20-30-40-50. Have kids toss beanbags or rubber balls into the buckets. Highest score wins!
Musical Chairs
Make a circle of chairs in a large, open space using one less chair than you have participants. Play a favorite song of the birthday child and have them walk in a circle around the chairs. Hit stop and everyone has to find a seat. The person without one is out. Then, remove another chair and go on. Continue until only one chair is left and see who wins!
Birthday Balloons
Make great use of your décor toward the end of the party and have a balloon stomp. Or as one of your activities, make tennis table paddles out of paper plates and popsicle sticks and then have kids pair up for balloon tennis. Whose balloon will last the longest?
Minute to Win It
Think of all the games that cause hilarity on this popular television show. Most translate perfectly for birthday parties. Who can build a pyramid out of solo cups? Which person can win the solo cup race using a straw to blow their cup across the table first?
Older kids, especially those inclined toward performance, will love classic charades. It’s easy to find printables online that feature current celebrities, books, or movies. You can also find sets for younger kids with pictures and more general actions. Divide the group into teams and offer cupcakes to the winners first.
No matter what theme you choose for your child’s next birthday, know you can’t go wrong with these fun indoor party games.
Happy planning!