Christmas Eve is a magical night for children around the world. The anticipation of Christmas morning, trying to stay up to hear Santa, and the overall magical feeling that winter brings makes December 24th an exciting day. Maybe you’re trying to think of a few ways to make Christmas Eve extra special for your family this year. The great thing is, you don’t have to do anything crazy to make this day memorable for your little ones. Oftentimes, spending time together as a family is what kids will remember most years from now. They might not remember the color of the pajamas you bought them or the movie everyone watched, but they will remember being together.

So if you’re looking for some simple ways to make Christmas Eve special for your family, check out some of our ideas below. These ideas are low maintenance and fun for all ages. You can even combine many of them into one activity!

Christmas Eve Activities for Families

  1. Look at Christmas Lights
    Drive around town and look for decorated houses. You don’t have to live in a neighborhood that goes all out to find awesome houses in town. Talk about which houses you like best and get ideas for your own house next year! Be sure to listen to Christmas music the whole time!
  2. Watch a Christmas Movie
    Pick a new one every year, or watch the same classic every year. You really can’t go wrong.
  3. Drink Hot Cocoa
    Whatever you do, please don’t forget the hot chocolate. Try one of these delicious hot cocoa recipes.
  4. Wear Matching Pajamas
    If you have a dream of matching family pajamas, this is the perfect time to make it come true. Or, instead of matching pajamas, Christmas Eve is always a classic opportunity to gift your kiddos new pajamas to wear on Christmas morning.
  5. Eat Cookies
    We’re talking about the easy, pre-made, pop in the oven, classic sugar cookies. You know, the little round ones with Santa or snowmen on them? Of course, you could totally make homemade ones, too! But if you’re looking for a simple cookie solution, you really can’t go wrong with those.

See what we mean? You could eat cookies and drink hot cocoa while wearing matching pajamas and watching a movie or looking at lights. Making family memories this holiday season doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Enjoy being together and soaking in the holiday spirit.