It’s no secret that iPads provide a means to fabulous educational tools for children, and kids typically love the visual, auditory, and hands-on stimulation they provide. So why not use yours to keep the learning going all summer with these fun iPad apps that suit toddler temperaments–and long car rides?

Endless Alphabet

This hands-on app allows toddlers to slide letters into words that are beyond their spelling range, but enhance their comprehension. Once all the letters are in place, a humorous video plays that’s sure to make them giggle!
Price: Free on App Store


This fun app teaches children more than types of animals. Using the animal’s facial expressions and body language, children learn about emotions, actions, and positions, too!
Price: $0.99 on App Store


Another animal app, except this time your child is prompted to draw the geometric figures first, and then arrange them into an animal. This one is great for encouraging those fine motor drawing skills and for keeping the crayons from spilling all over the car.
Price: $1.99 on App Store

Eric Carle’s My Very First App

Bring on the hungry caterpillar. Like his popular children’s books, Eric Carle’s app features his whimsical and distinctive illustration style. Interactive games teach toddlers colors, shapes, letters, and numbers.
Price: $1.99 on App Store (search Eric Carle app, some versions unavailable in US)


This clever app will make music, not just background noise. The screen shows a toddler sized keyboard with colorful keys. Children can play along with the music by following the starred indicators.
Price: $0.99 on App Store

What apps do your kids enjoy?