Evening Activities for Families

The time between dinner and bedtime often flies by before parents even realize it. Between cleaning up after dinner and getting everyone ready for bed, it can seem hard to slow down to enjoy an evening together. Oftentimes, we think that enjoying a family evening can only happen when everyone has a few hours to spare. But there are plenty of family activities that can happen any night of the week, even in the half hour before bedtime.

  1. Go for a walk.
    Family walks are a great way to wind down for the evening, enjoy some fresh air, and engage in quality conversation with your kids. This is the perfect time to ask about the best part of their day or what might have been difficult. Evening strolls are great during this time of year, as the days get longer.
  2. Host a paper airplane contest.
    It’s as simple as it sounds. Grab some paper for each family member to make an airplane. See which one goes the furthest, flies the highest, and looks the coolest.
  3. Make dessert.
    Who doesn’t love dessert? Make a simple dessert together, such as milkshakes, graham crackers with peanut butter, easy bake cookies, or even cups of whipped cream with sprinkles.
  4. Look at family photos.
    You might be surprised that your little ones enjoy looking at photos of past family adventures. Show them photos of family members they haven’t seen in a while, photos of them as babies, or even photos of yourself as a kid.
  5. Write letters.
    After you look at photos of out-of-town relatives, take a few minutes to write a letter to one of them. You can write for them, or they can draw a picture to send to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin. Let them do the honors of sealing the envelope and sticking the stamp!
  6. Share your favorite family memories.
    Take turns sharing memories of your favorite family adventures. It’s sweet to hear what children remember; it’s often the little things you may have already forgotten.
  7. Play charades.
    Charades is a great game for all ages. If your child can’t read yet, print out photos of animals or other objects for them to act out.

What’s your family’s favorite evening activity? Comment below and let us know!