Whether your kids have been deciding on their Halloween costume since July or you’re just hoping there’s something left on the Walmart shelf, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Children love stories, and nothing makes a better (or easier and reusable) costume than pairing your child’s love of dress up with their favorite book character. Bonus–you can use the costume again during Book Week at school!
Let us know who you’ll be this Halloween and share lots of pictures!

Classic Children’s Book Costumes

1. The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George courtesy of Haute Apple Pie

If you have a little one who loves George’s antics–and maybe even has his own pet George–scour the consignment stores for a yellow outfit. All you need are pants, shirt, and socks. (Pants could even by light khaki.) You can cover any wide-brimmed hat in yellow felt and let your little man monkey around all Halloween long!

2. The Mouse AND his cookie from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie courtesy of Instructables

This is a great duo costume you can easily create from items you may already have. Overalls and brown felt or paper create the bulk of this charming costume. If you have lots of people to dress consider the whole series! You can have the pig and her pancakes… the moose and his muffin… possibilities are endless!

3. The Berenstain Bear family from The Berenstain Bears series courtesy of Love Jac

Get the whole family in on the action with these DIY costumes that represent a family children know and love. Especially perfect for your brother/sister scenario, even dad will want to throw on overalls and a floppy hat so he can be Papa Bear. Jackie’s tutorials are easy–the hardest part of this costume might be finding the base outfit, but that’s what a fun thrift store day is for!

4. Fern from Charlotte’s Web courtesy of The Literary Lifestyle

One red dress, one denim vest, and one cute kid with pigtails and a stuffed pig? You’ve got Fern and all her sweetness.

5. Madeline from the Madeline collection of stories courtesy of Serving Pink Lemonade

This simple DIY costume for anyone who loves Madeline will make you feel like a seamstress–without the stress. Don’t forget the iconic hat, black Mary Janes, and white socks.

6. Pete the Cat from the book series courtesy of The Bean Sprout Notes

This mom blogger loves Pete the Cat’s message of don’t sweat the small stuff–like crying over lost buttons. Her easy-to-follow tutorial will help you create a fun costume for your Pete the Cat fan too!

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar courtesy of Lessons Learnt Journal

With a no-sew costume, you can create one of children’s literatures most beloved bugs! The very hungry caterpillar only needs a mask and a green outfit to be ready to eat his way through one Snickers bar, two Skittles, three pieces of candy corn.

Happy Halloween, everyone!