Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, take advantage of the extra daylight and enjoy this spring season with your family. Here are some fun and simple ways to spring forward.

Make Some Snacks

Use those lovely pastel candies to make these spring M&M cookies from Two Sisters Crafting. Mix up a quick batch of Spring Snack Mix with ingredients like cereal, frosted animal crackers, and pretzels. Or make spring veggies more fun to eat with these creative presentations. Remember those birds nests Mom used to make? Cooking with Carlee has your no-bake goodness all ready for Easter!

Sing in Spring

Learn a sweet song or poem to welcome the season. Sing together in the car, before bed, or entertain at family dinner.

Practice Your Yoga

Salute the sun, trees, birds or rain with this free printable of spring themed yoga poses for the whole family. Enjoy the warming weather as you practice in the yard. Breathe deep and celebrate the fresh air.

Take Game Night Outside

With these great family game ideas from My Stay at Home Adventures, you can enjoy the extra daylight with some exercise and family bonding. Play Spring Bingo, host a reverse Easter Egg Hunt, or go on a scavenger hunt.

Read All About It

Discover new facts and stories about spring during your family reading time. Kidsparkz list of spring books will likely inspire you to find more. Visit your local library or school media center and ask what everyone’s reading right now.

Fill Your Bucket List

Go ahead and start early on that summer bucket list. Spring is the perfect time for picnics, star gazing, kite flying, or discovering a new outdoor activity. As you think ahead to all you hope summer holds, don’t forget to start enjoying those fun times now before the heat really sets in! The Bucket List Journey will give you plenty of ideas, so pick and choose to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Plant a Garden

There’s nothing more quintessentially spring than a garden. Keep it simple with indoor or porch containers, or go all out and till up part of the backyard. Kids will love planting seedlings and harvesting their bounty all season long. Whether you plant vegetables or flowers, gardening is an important way to reinforce how we care for the Earth.
Happy spring!