As parents, we’re often just as excited about summer fun as our kids. Weekends spent at the pool, ice cream after dinner, and warm summer nights spent catching fireflies make for a fun and active fun season. But what about reinforcing those skills your child has spent the last few months learning in the classroom? As we gear up for summer, it’s good to be intentional about the activities that are available for our kids. Here are a few activities that will keep your child’s skills sharp over the summer.

Read 20 Minutes a Day

Reading is one of the best ways to promote learning for your child. Try to set aside 20 minutes a day this summer to read books with your child. Not sure how to add that to your full schedule? Stash a few favorite books in your car. Having books on hand will make waiting at the doctor’s office or a restaurant a little more fun. Switch up your reading material by making trips to the library a regular part of your routine. Join a summer reading program at your local library for extra motivation!

Board Games

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your child to age-appropriate board games. In addition to offer an opportunity to practice counting, board games also promote strategic thinking, a sense of fairness, playing by the rules, and taking a turn.

Make Time for Crafts

Make the most of a rainy day indoors with crafts! This gives your child a chance to practice cutting skills, holding a pencil, and recognizing shapes. Keep a few basic craft supplies on hand like scissors, construction paper, crayons, and stickers. Encourage your child to let the creativity flow– they won’t have any idea they’re practicing important skills at the same time!

Play Outside

Last but not least, PLAY is incredibly important for your child’s development. In addition to the added bonus of exercise, outdoor play helps your child master gross motor skills (think riding a bike or skipping) and social skills (taking turns at the local playground). Unstructured play time outside will give your child the space to try new ideas and explore their environment.

We hope this list provides a launching point for your summer adventures! What activities would you add to the list?