Vegetables for Kid Smoothies

It’s an age old problem: kids don’t like veggies. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the texture, maybe there’s absolutely no reason at all. If your child loves veggies and gladly eats them at dinner, that’s great! But if you feel like you’ve tried everything and your child still won’t eat his veggies, this post is for you.

Smoothies are the secret weapon to getting vegetable nutrients into your little one. Smoothies are delicious, easy to make, and the recipe options are endless. There are quite a few surprising vegetables that you can add to smoothies without hardly tasting. Instead of serving vegetables at dinner, try making your child a nutrition-packed smoothie for breakfast. They’ll be too busy chugging her smoothie to even realize it is full of veggies.

Add one or all of these vegetables to your kid’s next smoothie!

Not only are beets packed with fiber, folate, potassium, iron, and vitamin C… they also make your smoothie the most vibrant pink ever! Cut the beets in cubes, freeze them, and add a few cubes to a smoothie with fruit that will add sweetness (banana, mango, berries, etc.).

This unsung smoothie hero will make your smoothie so creamy. Potassium, fiber, healthy fats, and a whole list of B vitamins are a few nutrients this will add to your smoothie.

This cruciferous vegetable is especially disliked by little ones. Throw a few pieces into your smoothie, blend it well, and enjoy. Broccoli will make smoothies a tad gritty, but the flavor is masked by all the other fruits.

Raw spinach is a nutritious addition to any smoothie, and it turns the drink a fun green color that some kids will love. Full of antioxidants and vitamins A and K, this smoothie ingredient adds so many benefits for growing kids.

Are there any other vegetables that you add to your kid’s smoothies? Tell us your best vegetable secrets below!