Back to School Breakfasts

Summer is ending and school is back in session. If this makes for busier mornings in your household, we’ve rounded up a few delicious, make ahead breakfasts that are great for weekday mornings. Even if you have a picky eater at home, there’s something on this list for them!

We know it can be tempting to feed your kids and neglect yourself, opting to fuel yourself with a cup of joe. Try pairing your morning coffee with a higher protein option below; it’ll give you more energy for your day!

Easy Egg Bites

These easy egg bites are full of flavor and so easy to prepare in advance. You’ll combine simple ingredients like egg, cheese, veggies, bacon, and milk and add them into muffin tins to bake. After they bake and cool, you can freeze them for busy mornings. In the morning, pop one in the microwave or toaster oven for a few minutes, and your flavor-packed breakfast is ready to go.

Experiment with add-ins and find a combination you love! Meat lovers and vegetarian would be delicious.

Frozen Waffles

Ah, a classic breakfast. There’s nothing wrong with buying already frozen waffles to have on hand, but if you’re looking to save a little money, consider making and freezing your own! Simply make a batch of your favorite waffles, let them cool, then separate and freeze them. When you’re ready to eat them, pop them in the toaster like you would any frozen waffle.


Smoothies are great for on the go, because you can fill up your child’s travel cup and have a nutritious, mess-free breakfast in the car. New to the smoothie world? They’re hard to mess up, but start with these yummy recipes.

Greek Yogurt Parfaits

You can prep a week’s worth of parfaits for easy breakfasts during the week. Fill mason jars or tupperware with layers of fruit, Greek yogurt, granola, and any other add-ins you like. Try topping your parfait with this healthier granola recipe. Yum!

Baked Oatmeal

Baked oatmeal is another breakfast dish that’s perfect for making ahead of time and enjoying throughout the week. This blueberry baked oatmeal recipe by Cookie and Kate is full of clean ingredients and delicious flavors. It will keep in the fridge for four to five days. It pairs well with a side of yogurt or a glass of milk, for protein!

Some people insist that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We might not be able to say that, but we do know that starting your day with a well-rounded breakfast can set you up for a productive, energy-filled day. We hope you’ll try some of these go-to breakfast ideas as your family gets back into the swing of school!