School is back in session, and so is lunch-packing season! It’s easy to fall into a rut of packing the same things in your children’s lunch boxes every day. We’re huge fans of the classic lunches; after all, there’s nothing like a classic PB&J or turkey sandwich. But we wanted to share some out-of-the-lunchbox ideas to switch things up a little bit! They’re fun to prepare, and we’re sure your kids will enjoy an occasional change from their standard lunch.

Pita Pizzas

Who said you can’t have pizza for lunch? Pack some mini pitas or tortillas, pizza sauce, cheese, and your child’s favorite pizza toppings for this fun lunch idea. Your child will love putting these mini pizzas together and eating their own creations! (You could also use bagel slices here.)

Cracker Sandwiches

Cracker sandwiches are an easy lunch item to prep. Pack any kind of cracker (Saltines or Triscuits work really well), lunch meat, and cheese. During lunch, your child will make mini cracker masterpieces to enjoy.

Meat Rollups

A yummy “sandwich” without the bread! There are so many variations to this lunch entree. Wrap mozzarella sticks with meat, or simply roll up a slice of meat and cheese. If your child is a veggie lover, try rolling the meat and cheese around a bell pepper slice, carrot, or celery stick.


Make quesadillas in advance, and pack them for school lunches. They might not be warm for lunch, but they’ll still be delicious.

Bagel Sandwiches

Pack your child’s favorite sandwich, but put it on a bagel! This is a fun and simple way to add variety to a regular turkey sandwich. Turkey and cheese, peanut butter and banana, hummus and cucumber, regular cream cheese… the possibilities are endless!


Leftovers aren’t just for adults; they make great lunches for kids, too. From mac and cheese to spaghetti, leftovers can be great for lunches the next day.
So will you be trying any of these lunch ideas this week? We’d love to know what you (and your kids!) think about these out-of-the-lunchbox ideas. If you have other lunch ideas your kids love, share them in a comment below!