There’s nothing like a day at the beach. The sound of the ocean, toes in the sand, crashing waves, and the warm sun on your skin. Family beach days can be an exciting summer activity for everyone. If you’re taking a beach day this summer, or anytime in the future, read through these tips for keeping your kids safe at the beach.

Protect your skin.

Apply sunscreen when you first get the beach, making sure to let it dry before getting in the water. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. The sun can be extra harsh at the beach, so protect your kids’ skin by reapplying sunscreen as necessary. We also recommend setting up a beach umbrella or canopy to provide some shade and relief from those hot rays.

Look for lifeguards.

When possible, always try to swim with a lifeguard present. Having an extra set of eyes constantly scanning the water, and someone who is trained to respond in emergency situations, is one of the best ways to keep your kids safe.

Swim with your kids.

Staying with your kids in the water makes it easier to keep your eye on them, and it makes for the best memories! If you have multiple kids, use the buddy system so that no one is ever alone. Teach your kids to stay with their buddy at all times– in the water, in the sand, always. If you have friends or family nearby, invite them to the beach with you. You can never have too much adult supervision at the beach.

Stand out.

The beach is big and usually very crowded. Keep a bright flag or banner tied to your beach stuff so that your kids can easily find you if they get turned around.

Stay hydrated.

Pack lots of water, and remind everyone to drink it throughout the day. It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun of the beach and forget to drink water, but it’s very important that everyone stays hydrated.

Keep your eyes open.

It can be tempting to get lost in a good book or post beach pictures on social media while you’re at the beach, but the safest thing for your kids is for you to keep your eyes on them. It only takes a second for something to go wrong, and keeping your eyes open will ensure that you’ll notice quickly if anyone gets pulled under a wave or seems to be struggling against a current. Take pictures in the moment, but wait until you get home to post them.