Car Seat Safety Resources

According to SafeRide4Kids, anywhere from 72% to 84% of child restraints are improperly installed or buckled. Furthermore, vehicular accidents are the leading cause of death in children. We share these statistics not to frighten parents, but to make adults aware of the importance of car seat safety. Thankfully, there are many readily available resources available for us to take advantage of. Whether your first or fifth baby is on the way, it’s never too late to educate yourself, partner, and family members on proper car seat use.

Car Seat Safety Resources

The mission of SafeKids is to prevent childhood injuries, and one of their primary focuses is preventing traffic injuries by promoting car seat safety. The website provides car seat tips, information on recalled car seats, and The Ultimate Car Seat Guide to keep your little ones safe in the back seat.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers online resources about car seat safety. Use their free search tool to find car seat inspections near you.

The CDC also provides free online car seat safety information for parents and guardians.

Safe in the Seat Online Courses
With the goal to keep every child ASAP (as safe as possible), Michelle created Safe in the Seat to empower parents to understand proper car seat installation, practices, tips, and more. If you want a clear cut guide for installing and using a car seat safely, check out her online courses.

There’s no room for mom or dad guilt here! If you’re not sure that your child’s car seat is properly installed, today is the day you can find out. Use the resources we shared in the blog post to learn more about car seat safety.