Remember when you were a kid, and Christmas always seemed so far away? December would finally roll around, then Christmas came, but then the seemingly never ending countdown began once again. Christmas is a magical time of year for families, so why not celebrate it twice? Christmas in July can be as simple or elaborate as you want, but we guarantee that your kids will absolutely love celebrating a winter holiday in the heat of summer!

Build the Anticipation
If you’ve never “celebrated” Christmas in July with your kids before, you can prolong the excitement by setting the stage a few days before the big day, July 25th. You can keep the festivities a secret, and just tell your kids that a very fun day is coming up, or you can tell them that you’re celebrating Christmas in July and see how excited they get! (This may also work in your favor, if they decide to be extra obedient so they can stay on the nice list.)

Deck the Halls
It can’t be Christmas without some decorations! Hang some snowflakes, make some snow with , and hang up the stockings if you want to go all out. Get out the garland, and everything red and green!

Bake the Goodies
Pick one or two of your favorite Christmas treats…gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, or your family’s famous dessert recipe… and bake away with the kids. After all, why should you only enjoy Christmas cookies in December? Don’t forget to turn on the holiday music while you make, bake, and decorate.

Start a Snowball Fight
Make your very own snowballs with cornstarch or pom poms! Your kids will have a blast playing with “snow” in July.

We’d love to know if you do anything special to celebrate Christmas this July. Share your favorite cookie recipe with us below!