We’ve all been there – waiting at the doctor, at the restaurant, or in the grocery store line with an antsy child. Smart devices provide quick distraction and can buy parents a few moments to finish a task, but our phones or tablets can be more than just entertainment.
The number of apps available for promoting literacy and math skills in young children can be overwhelming. Today we’re only focusing on a few apps that make learning to spell more fun than ever before.
App: Alphabet School Aquarium
Age: Preschool
Available: $1.99 on iTunes and Google Play
For your young preschooler, concentrate on learning basic phonic sounds. Alphabet Aquarium from 22 Learn encourages children to listen and learn letter sounds and uses puzzles to teach letter formation.
App: Short Vowel Study/Long Vowel Study
Age: Pre-K—1st Grade
Available: $2.99 on iTunes and Google Play
For your older preschooler or kindergartner, try the Short Vowel Study and its corresponding app, Long Vowel Study, in which students can sort and analyze short and long vowel sounds, enabling them to recognize spelling patterns. Designed by a reading specialist and specifically designed for the beginning speller, these apps will engage and educate your child.
App: Vocabulary Spelling City
Age: Elementary
Available: Free on iTunes and Google Play
For emerging readers and early elementary students, learning to spell is often tied to words lists from school. However, getting your child to study their spelling words without hearing about how boring the task is can be challenging. Try an app like Vocabulary Spelling City for loading their spelling lists and letting them try a variety of activities for practice.