It’s finally that time.  You’ve been avoiding it for as long as possible, but now it’s time to ditch the diapers.  It’s time to teach your child the art of the potty!  This may seem scary and daunting if you’ve never done it before, but many moms and dads have gone ahead of you, paving the way to victory.  Before we unleash a list of the best tips, we want you to remember one thing.  This will end. There will soon be a time when potty training is simply a memory.  You and your child can do it!  
Potty Training Tips:

  1. Stay patient.
    • Remember that your child is new at this, just as you are new at the training part.
    • Use kind and positive words always.
    • Don’t embarrass your child over their potty training.
  2. Ditch the clothes.
    • As unconventional as it may seem, let your child run around naked before bath time. This eliminates the tricky pants and underwear issues and will help your child remember to use the potty.
  3. There is no “right” age.
    • If your child is not preschool age yet, there’s no need to rush the process.
    • Let your child come to you about using the potty.
  4. Reward consistently.
    • Use stickers, Skittles or other small treasures as a reward for using the potty.  This will motivate your child, giving him/her something to look forward to.
  5. Trust your teachers.
    • If your preschool is helping with potty training, follow their lead at home.
    • Consistency will help your child understand potty training further.
  6. Use a child potty.
    • A plastic potty next to your toilet will train children to go into the bathroom.
    • They won’t need a step stool or your assistance to get on the child potty, either.

Though the days may seem long–especially in the midst of potty training–the years will undoubtedly be short. Stay calm, cool and collected even when faced with the messiest accident or the most obstinate child. You will get through this phase of life, just as you got through nine months of pregnancy and countless midnight feedings.  Just as you look back on those times with fondness, this time, too, will soon be just a memory.