As parents, community is key in this great calling to raise the next generation; however, finding a parenting community isn’t always easy. Along with finding a community that meets on days and times that are suitable for your schedule, you want to find one that appeals to your needs and feels like a fit as well. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of Austin’s most supportive parenting groups so you can find your tribe. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, right?
Family Meetups
Like Austin, you can find an eclectic mix of groups when you search for family communities on Meetup. Exactly what its name implies, Meetup is a way to connect with others. Choose a group based on your religious preference, your location, your country of origin, or your lifestyle. Groups range from active parents and kids who plan rock climbing excursions to craft-oriented sessions for moms with toddlers. There are groups for those new to parenthood and groups for moms who want an exercise community. Whatever type of community you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here.
Meetup encourages positive interactions that “support and respect”. Groups encourage both family activities and adult-only activities to foster friendships, one of the most important relationships parents need.
Austin Single Parents 
At 500+ members, the Austin Single Parents Meetup is an active group supporting single parent families. Both family and adult-only activities are regularly planned. The group has specific goals and works to create community with these ideals in mind.
The Austin Single Parents Meetup Group goals are:
• Provide a forum for friendship
• Support each other through a non-judgmental environment
• Share and communicate single parent resources
Note that this group does not wish to serve as a dating platform, but instead as a social engagement for single-parent families.
MAMAs of Austin
The Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association (MAMAs Austin) is “a unique networking and support organization.” This community specifically meets the needs of professional mothers working as attorneys in the Austin area. Offering safe play dates where your children are welcome, as well as meetups where attorney moms can discuss issues specific to their careers and home life, MAMAs is a strong group with over 500 members.
What are you waiting for? Go, find your community! You’ll be so happy you did.