Learning numbers is an exciting milestone for little ones—and their parents! If your preschooler is learning to count or getting ready to, we have some activities to make counting even more fun for everyone.

DIY Counting Sticks

Bring numbers to life with these fun counting sticks! Each stick features a different number, and it also has that number of beads to illustrate what the number means. Get as creative as you want with this counting activity, or keep it simple by decorating each stick with markers.

Counting Candy

What better way to keep a child’s attention than with candy? M&Ms, Skittles, or Smarties are perfect counting props. But if you don’t have candy on hand or just don’t want to use candy for counting, you can really use anything in your pantry. Cereal, marshmallows, grapes, chocolate chips, pretzels, Goldfish, granola bars—you get the point!

Counting Songs

Singing is one of the best ways to memorize information. So if you are working on memorizing sequences of numbers, listen to counting songs with your child, like these top ten counting songs on YouTube. Songs will familiarize them with the names of numbers as well. This is a great exercise for auditory learners.

Count with Legos

If you have a Lego lover at home, they’ll love this counting activity! Use a marker to write numbers on legos, then help your child stack them in ascending order. This hands-on activity is perfect for little learners.

Counting Walk

Looking to spend some time outside? Go on a counting walk! As you walk around your neighborhood or backyard, count the things you see. For example, you can count one sun. Maybe you’ll count two birds, or three bugs, or five flowers. There’s no right or wrong way to go on a counting walk; count whatever your little one seems to enjoy the most!

Everyone learns differently, so don’t get discouraged if one (or more) of these counting activities don’t go well with your preschooler. Try different activities and learning techniques until you find the one that clicks. And don’t put too much pressure on you or your child when it comes to counting and learning their numbers. After all, learning should be fun!

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