Halloween costumes made their appearance on store shelves as soon as the school supply surplus was moved, so chances are you’ve been eyeing their price tags for well over a month. If spending more than $20 so your child can ask for candy that you aren’t going to let him eat seems a bit much, check out these simple DIY costume ideas. After all, Halloween is supposed to be fun and creative, not scary and expensive.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with A Night Owl are easy and fun, especially for the kid who wants to wear pajamas all day. Grab a pair of green footie pjs, a disposable roasting pan, some orange and brown felt, a little spray paint and be prepared to defend the good guys all night long.

Thanks to this Not So Scary Skeleton from Artful Parent kids can learn a little anatomy and glow in the dark on Halloween. All you’ll need is a black shirt and pants, glow in the dark duct tape (is there nothing duct tape can’t make?), and a model skeleton to emulate. Let your child work on this with your supervision and be impressed by how he or she learns about bones and embraces creativity.

This Easy Peasy Lego with Crystal and Company works for almost any age–even Dad! All you need is a large cardboard box, disposable cups, hot glue, and the spray paint color of your choice. Make a whole family of Legos and you’ll be fasten-ating to the neighborhood.

Delineate Your Dwelling amps up the unique with these Tiny Scuba Diver costumes. Put your recycling to good use and pull out two-liter bottles. Add spray paint, electrical tape, and foam hair curlers to the scuba goggles you can find on clearance at any store right now.

Little ones hate itchy costumes, as we all know. Now you can stroll as Siri thanks to Rookie Moms inventive take on the iPhone costume. Make this cardboard cutout and attach to your stroller. It’s large enough to fetch baby in and out but cute enough to get a load of candy. Use it for older ones, too, and have them answer as Siri for plenty of laughs.

For the craft-challenged parent, this No Sew Dinosaur from Ginger Snap Crafts will impress not only your friends but your preschooler as well. Simply find an oversize hoodie in a dark color and attach a double row of felt triangles using hot glue. Zip, pull up the hood, and practice his roar!

Elevate the dinosaur concept for your older wild child with a Lightning Bolt costume that will keep him bright and happy all night long. Use an oversized black shirt or hoodie and cut out a silver bolt from felt or stiff cardboard. Glue it on well and tie his fastest shoes because lightning flashes are pretty quick!

Make a Meteorologist costume for your budding scientist and pat yourself on the back for enhancing their learning at home. Since the bulk of this costume involves clothes already in their drawers, you can have fun with the details. Create an easy “basket” with a compass and barometer for holding all the loot and practice a few weather predictions your child can recite. Of course, the best part is, given the unpredictability of weather, some of them might come true!

Warn the neighborhood it’s Raining Cats and Dogs with this clever take on the common idiom. Sticky felt is your friend for this easy costume idea. Simply use the cutout tutorial and then adhere the cats and dogs to your child’s favorite umbrella. Let them wear their raincoat and boots and call it done. Bonus if it actually rains on Halloween!

Let your kid find their own flair as an Artist and More with eHow. These simple costume ideas use what you already have–and what your child may already love. Check out the Mary Poppins Chimney Sweeps, a Car Mechanic, or our favorite, the Budding Artist, made simple with a child’s art apron, paints, and a palette. Get as creative as you like with these great inspirations!

Have a happy Halloween!