While toddlers and preschoolers are known for putting everything in their mouths, this trait seems to disappear when it’s time for tooth brushing.
Suddenly your child might become obstinate, difficult, and irritable about brushing, which leads many parents to skip this task more often than they should. Plus, kids think it’s boring to stand still for the recommended 1-2 minutes while brushing. Often, there’s a quick swipe and a spit, which doesn’t do much for eliminating sugar remains.
But the mundane task of tooth brushing can become fun if you employ a little modern technology and/or a good old-fashioned imagination.
Tips for Tooth Brushing Fun

  • Let your child choose her own personal toothpaste and toothbrush. Reiterate how special she is to brush with Elsa every night.
  • Have a soundtrack. Choose a popular song and set it to play for the allotted amount of time (dentists recommend two minutes). Everyone has to brush the duration of the song.
  • Swaddle toddlers in their favorite towel. This allows you to make brushing part of the bath time routine, helps you maintain control, and provides comfort to your child.
  • Invent a game. Tickle your child’s nose so he will open his mouth. Pretend to be hunting for cavity bugs on his teeth.
  • Download an app. The Disney Magic Timer app is supported by Crest and Oral-B, is a free download, and encourages children to brush while a cartoon of favorite Disney characters is revealed on the screen.

How do you foster good dental hygiene in your home?