Have you ever gone on a family camping trip? Yes, having little ones adds an extra element of planning to a camping trip, but most kids have the time of their lives sleeping in tents and sleeping bags. There’s just something about camping; it’s a perfect way to press pause in our busy world. So whether you’ve been on a camping trip as a family or not, we’ve got good news for you. You can go on a camping trip right in your backyard! This is the kind of low maintenance camping we can all get on board with. 

Here are our simple steps to an easy backyard camping experience!

  1. If you have a backyard big enough to hold a tent, you’re off to a great start. (If you don’t have a backyard, don’t worry! Create a space in your living room for a tent, or simply build a blanket fort to sleep in! Kids are easy to please.) 
  2. Pitch the tent and roll out the sleeping bags/blankets. Bonus points for letting little ones help!
  3. Have a camping-themed dinner. If you have a fire pit, roasting hotdogs is always a camping favorite.
  4. Make s’mores! If you don’t have a fire pit, try making these in the oven, or make a s’mores type of dessert. Alternatively, create a s’mores trail mix with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and teddy grahams for a mess-free dessert. 

Finish the evening however you like. Maybe you’ll sing campfire songs together, maybe you’ll go stargazing, maybe you’ll read a book out loud, or share stories from your childhood. Whatever you do, try to unplug from electronics and enjoy a simple evening together. And finish the fun-filled evening by sleeping as a family in your tent. Seriously! Your kids will think it’s the coolest thing ever…hopefully. 

P.S. Don’t forget the bug spray!