With less than a week until the first day of school here at Country Home Learning Center, we’re in mega organization mode.  There’s lots to be sorted and labeled and cleaned, and we’re sure your household is no different.  School supplies have to be purchased, new shoes broken in and bedtimes reinstated. How will you keep track of everything and encourage your kids to lend a helping hand?  We’ve got a quick and simple trick up our sleeves that we know will make the last week of summer both productive and fun!
What You’ll Need:

  • Large paper or poster board
  • Sharpies: a different color for every family member
  • List of chores to be completed by the end of the week

How You’ll Do It:

  • Tack up the large paper or poster board in a central family location:
    • Refrigerator
    • Bedroom hallway
    • Next to the TV
    • Front door
  • Review your list of chores and assign each chore to a member of the family.
  • In their color of choice, list the family member’s name and then their list of chores beneath their name:
    • Sally:
      • Clean out backpack
      • Vacuum bedroom
      • Sort through school clothes. Make a pile for donations.
  • Once a chore is completed, have your child cross it out or check it off.
  • Don’t forget to add yourself to the list!  It’ll be helpful to mark your progress as you corral everyone for another school year.

Teaching your kids to make lists is one of the most valuable (and simple) life skills.  It helps them to prioritize and create steps toward success.  It encourages time management and makes even the largest projects seem manageable. With this simple chore checklist, you are accomplishing all that needs to be done for a great start to the school year, and you’re also instilling future skills into your children.  As much as they may not like the chores, they’ll enjoy the time together and the time spent picking out new school supplies.
Enjoy the last few days of summer! We can’t wait to see you next week for the beginning of another fantastic school year here at Country Home Learning Center!