Can you believe it’s Christmas week already?  We know we don’t have to remind you moms twice about this holiday–your kids have done that for you already!  Your home is probably full of laughter, cheer, wish lists and a big Christmas tree by now.  And we have to admit, that’s one of our favorite parts of the holiday season. The decorations and the lights and the roaring fires are matched only by the sheer joy in kids’ eyes on Christmas morning.
However, we know that decorating can get a little crazy.  Who loves to untangle that long string of lights that always seems to be a mess no matter how carefully you put it away?  Well, we’ve got a few tips for keeping holiday decorating fun, easy and family-centered.  If you’ve already put up your decorations for this year, bookmark this page for next December.  It’s never a bad time to start thinking about new family traditions!
Holiday Decorating Tips 

  1. The key to an organized, simplified decorating day is all in the storage.  Pay careful attention to how you pack up your decorations this year to make next year’s day a piece of cake.  Not sure how to pack some of those bigger, bulkier items?  Here are a few ideas:
    • Save egg cartons and pack smaller ornaments inside of them.  Then stack the cartons in plastic bins.
    • Store garland in an empty, dry water bottle.
    • Hang your wreaths on clothes hangers, and then wrap them in trash bags.
    • Label everything and consider investing in large clear bins.
  2. Think outside the box to save time and money when it comes to decorating.  You don’t have to have a lot of materials when it comes to trying these cute ideas:
    • Make your refrigerator look like a snowman by using construction paper or wrapping paper, scissors and tape or magnets.  All the snowman needs is a black hat, two eyes, a carrot nose and a few buttons.  Put one of your older kids in charge of this task!
    • Turn your kitchen cabinets into beautifully wrapped presents.  Use thick ribbon and tape to cover the cabinets in a cross shape.  Add a bow for a finishing touch.
    • Have some extra ribbon from the cabinet project?  Tie it around your kitchen table chairs in a bow.
    • Hang ornaments from your kitchen table light fixture by threading your ornaments with ribbon and tying them to the fixture.
  3. Remind your kids that Santa and his elves don’t accept lists and letters after December 10th (or any early date you choose).  This will give you more time to shop and save you from the last-minute Christmas Eve run to Walmart.