This year, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about the turkey. While football may be tradition, start some new family fun with these great game ideas. You’ll build up your pumpkin pie appetite–or wear off the kids’ sugar high. Most importantly, your family can experience some memory making that’s not centered around food or gifts!

Shake Your Tail Feathers

In this hilarious minute-to-win-it style game, players tie tissue boxes to their backside. But these boxes have been emptied of tissues and filled with colorful craft feathers. Each player gets one minute to shake out as many feathers as he can, so get your turkey dance on! The win goes to the player who shakes the most tail feathers.
Get a full tutorial over at Play Party Plan.

Feather Float

When you tire of shaking, reuse those feathers for this simple, yet challenging, game. Each player gets one feather and has to keep it afloat by blowing it across the room. Last feather floating wins!

Thanksgiving Bingo

Classic Bingo gets an upgrade for Thanksgiving with these free printables from Fun Squared. Make it even sweeter by marking the squares off with candy corn!

Gratitude Game

Inspired by Pick Up Sticks, this game is a great one to play on a day that celebrates thankfulness. For each color stick that is drawn, the player has to name one thing they are grateful for in that category. A great way to teach kids that they can be grateful for more than things. Categories suggested in this tutorial from Teach Beside Me include people, places, food, and things.
Want more game ideas?
Happy Home Fairy features plenty of great Thanksgiving games. Check out Roll the Turkey, a fun dice game to see which player can be first to gather enough pieces and construct a turkey. For older kids, Thanksgiving Trivia teaches and entertains. Or boost fine motor skills to get ready to eat with Don’t Topple the Teepee, a stacking game with pencils or popsicle sticks.
No matter what you eat or play this Thanksgiving, enjoy your family time!