Happy Fall, Ya’ll!  We’ve loved kicking off the month of September with fall crafts, recipes and family fun ideas. To celebrate the end of September, though, we thought we’d throw in something extra fun!
cucurbit vegetables for coloring book
Kids, what are you most excited for in the month of October? We bet it has something to do with free candy and a new dress-up costume.  But what about the pumpkin patch and hayrides and fresh apple cider? We think those are pretty exciting, too, and here at Country Home Learning Center, those are some of our favorite fall traditions!  We want to get you excited about those traditions, too, so we’re giving you a super special fall gift!
Grab your mom or dad and ask them super nicely to download the image at the top of this post.  All you have to do is click the photo and when it brings you to a new tab, select print from the top of your screen. You can even print off a few copies for your whole family!
Next, set up your art space.  Pull out your crayons and colored pencils from their hiding spots and get to work turning this into a one of a kind masterpiece.  Make sure you let mom or dad in on all the fun, too!  We think this page will give you all some great ideas for picking out and carving pumpkins!  When you’re done, don’t forget to sign the original work of art and have mom or dad tack it up some place special.
We hope this fall is a memorable one for your family!